After a phenomenal performance, iSteam has exploded in one big blast of steam to become the #1 Free App in 22 countries of the world, including the US, Canada, UK and Australia.

I have to say  that we have all been blown away watching the success of iSteam worldwide. As previously noted, the difference in price between those apps does play a major role in their popularity, that is without doubt.

Based on public information from the creator, iFart seems to have been downloaded around 250,000 times.


Now for the iSteam numbers:

– In just one day, iSteam was downloaded 292,165 times. As a comparison, the huge Beaver Stadium in Pennsylvania can fit 110,000 people.

– Total iSteam downloads are now well over 620,000. That is more than the entire population of Luxembourg.

– On January 4, an average of more than 3.3 people downloaded iSteam from all around the world each second.

– Currently #1 in 22 countries and #2 in another 14, with no signs of stopping there.


One more thing…


This is not an app that has been around for months. In fact, it hasn’t been around for weeks yet, either. All this has happened in just 6 days since its release on December 29. Steamingly unbelievable. And if anyone knows about the performance of a similar chart-topper, please do let us know (Google Mobile perhaps?).


Some might say it’s just another fad, and it can’t really sell much more. It can’t even get a better ranking than the current #1.

We think this is different: The current daily growth rate of iSteam downloads is more than 55%, and that, our readers, is some serious steam right there.

And with a currently in-review 1.1 update that is sure to keep all iPod Touch users steaming up their iPods, you should get your copy of iSteam now while it’s still free, and take advantage of free lifetime updates!


iSteam is the hottest app right now. But don’t just take our word for it. See what users right now are saying and doing with it for yourself.


“iSteam. Steam is in the air”


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As of today, iSteam has surpassed iBeer and iFart in popularity in the US App Store and in many other countries, quickly heading for the top spots in charts worldwide. Of course the popularity in the App Store seems to be greatly related to the number of downloads, so the difference in price between those Apps does play a major role here. 

We think this is Hot News.

Some notable facts about iSteam that we would like to share with fellow App developers:

– Just yesterday, iSteam was downloaded 98,111 times.

– Phenomenal worldwide growth since its release, less than 5 days ago.

– Frontpage story on the biggest news/technology sites like Digg.com, Mashable.com and Gizmodo.com, with blog mentions in all corners of the world.

– Already shot to the overall #1 Free App in Sweden, Finland, Italy, Greece and The Netherlands.

#1 Free App in France, Japan, Portugal, Denmark, Poland, Belgium, New Zealand, Hungary and Croatia in the Entertainment category. [UPDATE: #1 also in Canada, Australia and India right now]

#2 Free App in many different App Stores worldwide.

#8  #6   #2 in US – Entertainment category.


People are using and enjoying iSteam in so many different ways: Playing Tic-Tac-Toe, Guess The Picture, iSteaming their pictures, writing Secret messages to be revealed when steamed up… We are amazed to watch our fans come up with novel ways of using iSteam, and can’t wait to see what’s next.


With iSteam we believe we have set a new standard for what is possible in interactive arts on the iPhone. We are very proud of all of the innovations in it and hope fans enjoy using it as much as we did making it!


A big thank you to everyone who has supported iSteam for the iPhone.


Stay tuned for the 1.1 update, currently in review in the App Store. Hopefully it won’t take long before all you iPod Touch users can enjoy a better steamy experience.

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“Some say it’s cool, we think it’s hot and steamy”

Welcome the first “steamy” photo editor for the iPhone and iPod touch. We are proud to deliver you the unique chance to turn your device into a foggy surface just like your mirror after a hot shower or your window on a winter day. iSteam exploits all the features of your iPhone (accelerometer, multitouch, microphone, speakers) like never before, for a totally realistic experience!


  • Blow on your mic to haze the screen. (iPod users need external mic)
  • Use your fingers to write messages and draw, just like you would on a steamy window.
  • Shake your iPhone to clear the screen and start over.
  • Watch the droplets form and leave their mark thanks to our unique SteamX physics.
  • Finger squeaking sounds included.
  • Choose which of your favorite images you want to iSteam.
  • Impress your friends by sending them your masterpiece creations!
You *will* be blown away, guaranteed!

With iSteam we believe we have set a new standard for what is possible in interactive arts on the iPhone. We are very proud of all of the innovations in it and hope fans enjoy using it.

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